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Mastic Trail Tour

When visiting Aqua Bay Club, The Mastic Trail is a fascinating and rewarding excursion worth considering.

The Mastic Reserve on Grand Cayman protects part of the largest contiguous area of untouched, old growth dry forest remaining on the island. This area is of international significance representing some of the last remaining examples of the Caribbean dry, subtropical, semi deciduous forest, which have been the target of particularly intense deforestation throughout the West Indies.

While enjoying the Mastic Trail tour, you’ll view a diverse range of native wild plants, including silver thatch palm, guava trees, banana orchids, and more. You might also spot a few exotic animals along the way, including the Cayman Parrot, Blue Iguanas, hermit crabs and many bird species. The principal aim of these tours is to safeguard the survival of the diversity of native wild plants and animals on the Cayman Islands.