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Harmful Cayman Ghost Net Put to Good Use

At Aqua Bay Club we love our stretch of Seven Mile Beach not only for the powdery soft sand that is so easy to sink your toes into, but also for the turquoise Caribbean beyond. While many enjoy the sea for swimming, it also provides a home to a wide variety of marine life. Those tropical fish and corals you see snorkeling are just a small portion of what’s living underwater. The Caribbean’s ecosystem and life within it is something that we at Aqua Bay want to protect.

That’s why we were so pleased to see the recent article in the Cayman Compass about the ghost net pulled off Cayman’s shores. Ghost nets are abandoned fishing nets that are deadly as they drift and trap marine life within it.

Parley for the Ocean, an environmental organization, is taking the netting and transforming the plastic waste into threat that will then be used for making shoes in partnership with Adidas. The limited edition shoe, Adidas Parley, is made entirely from fishing line and recycled materials.

We never like to see waste in our ocean, but having the opportunity to remove it and give it new life through recycling is definitely a positive outcome. It also serves as a good reminder to always remove trash from the beach if you see it. It may be a mild inconvenience but can save the ocean life that we so enjoy.

To read the full article in the Cayman Compass, please click here.