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Dive Into The Devil’s Grotto

Looking for a new diving experience during your visit to Grand Cayman? Might we suggest a visit to Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto?

Just south of Seven Mile Beach, near George Town, you’ll find a quaint little dive shop: Eden Rock Diving Center. After grabbing some equipment here, all you have to do is head out to sea from here and dive – just a few years off shore you can begin your descent.

Devil’s Grotto features a network of small caves – you’ll want to bring a light so you can check out the Glassy Sweepers that call the tunnels home. Along with the beautiful corals, the Sweepers make for great pictures if you have a camera!

It may also be worth your time to head out early in the morning, before tours are operating, so you can visit the area before the numerous visitors cloud the waters with silt. Definitely worth a trip!