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A Natural Lightshow


Bioluminescence is when light is produced and emitted by a living organism. Typically, bioluminescence by these organisms is used to warn predators, to lure prey, or to communicate.

Grand Cayman is home to Bioluminescent Bay, a magical place where millions of bioluminescent phytoplankton live. The plankton need a very specific environment in order to flourish, meaning that Bio Bay is one of very few unique places where you can witness this natural lightshow.

Several tour operators offer tours of Bio Bay at night, but many only offer these tours at specific times during the moon cycle, so that the light caused by the plankton does not become washed out by the moon’s glow. Though you can still see the bioluminescence from a boat, most recommend getting into the water for the best experience.

Many say that their tour of Bio Bay was the highlight of their trip to Grand Cayman. Don’t miss it!