Why a Condo?

The Comfort of Home in Grand Cayman

Aqua Bay Club Condos Condos’s Grand Cayman condos are the ultimate vacation in the ultimate destination. Let us count the reasons why:

  • Why put yourself in the straightjacket of a hotel room when a condo gives you the freedom and space to be your most relaxed self?
  • What better way to have a family vacation or a girls’ getaway? You get that home-away-from-home experience where everyone can be together without being cramped or having to run up and down a hotel corridor knocking on doors to see each other.
  • How about cost savings? Sharing costs with family or friends is a big plus.
  • What’s better than cost savings? More cost savings! Everyone knows it is cheaper to do your own cooking. The fully-equipped, modern kitchen in your Grand Cayman condo gives you the option of cooking in or eating out. Options are a good thing.
  • Privacy! There is far more privacy in a condo setting than your typical Grand Cayman hotel or resort.
  • How about greater access to resort amenities? With only 21 units, Aqua Bay Club offers guests a lower density pool and beach experience than the high rise hotels. Less arm wrestling for your favorite hammock or square foot of sand.

Experience our high quality accommodations and service for yourself. Give Aqua Bay’s Grand Cayman condos on Seven Mile Beach a try. We know you’ll appreciate the difference.