Local Events

Cayman Cookout, Pirates Week, and More

There are a variety of local events to compliment your Grand Cayman Island vacation.

U15 Cayman Airways Invitational Youth Cup – May 2-7, 2017

Football fans are in for a treat as the Cayman Islands will host an international tournament featuring top youth sides from England, the United States, Honduras, Jamaica, Cuba and the Cayman Islands.

Match venues for the 2016 Cayman Airways Invitational Youth Football Cup will be the Truman Bodden Sports Complex in George Town and Ed Bush Stadium in West Bay. Schedules are available online: http://caymanyouthfootballcup.ky/matches/

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Cayman Cookout

Join the internationally acclaimed Chef Eric Ripert for a weekend of food and wine tasting. Hosted by The Ritz-Carlton, you can meet famous chefs, wine connessiours, and spirit blenders. This event is normally held in January.

Batabano Carnival

This is the premier cultural celebration in the Caribbean. Music, dance, and pageantry reflecting the region’s diverse history of African and religious traditions. The festival’s name, Batabano, is a tribute to the island’s turtling heritage as well. The word “batabano” refers to the tracks left in the sand by the sea turtles as they crawl onto the beach to nest. This even is normally held in May.

Flowers Sea Swim

A day of swimming and walking. This event raises funds to go towards providing hot healthy lunches to needy school children in the Cayman Islands. This event is usually held in June.

Pirates Week

A festival of fireworks, street dancing, and Caribbean food. Thousands of people attend these events every year. It’s usually held every November.