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Witness Sea Turtles Hatch at Aqua Bay Club Condos Condos!

Come and witness firsthand the new born turtles emerging from their nest right here at Aqua Bay Club on the famous Seven Mile Beach!

There are 7 sea turtle nests on the beach in front of our property, producing about 100 baby sea turtles per nest.

The Department of the Environment expects that these nests will hatch between the following dates:

  • October 8-13
  • October 12-17
  • October 15-20
  • October 16-21
  • October 23-28
  • October 26-31
  • October 29 – November 3

In order to make sure that the baby turtles survive and make it to the sea please ensure that any lights on the beach are turned off several days before the nest is due to hatch. Turtles may hatch over the course of several nights, so please do not turn lights back on until you have been notified by Department of Environment that all the baby turtles have made it out of the nest.

The Department of the Environment often makes time to do public excavations of the nests in order to give you a chance to see a wild sea turtle nest and possibly hatchlings. The Department of the Environment makes this special opportunity for hotels and condos that have offered their support and have helped create a suitable habitat for the turtles.

If you watch the hatching event, please no flash photography or bright lights as these will disorient the baby turtles and damage their eyes. If you would like photos of turtle nests, nesting turtles or hatchlings, or any other educational information please email the Department of the Environment at [email protected].

Exact hatching date is difficult to determine, however we may be able to provide a better estimate closer to the predicted time.

If you have any questions, see turtle tracks, find baby turtles or require information on shading essential lighting, please contact the Department of Environment:

DoE Turtle hotline: 938-NEST (938-6378)
DoE General: 949-8469 Emergencies: Marine Enforcement 916-4271 or 911
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]