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Why You Should Visit Grand Cayman This Fall

There are a lot of reasons to visit Grand Cayman in the fall – aside from the beautiful weather, that is! Here are three popular local events to pique your interest and give you a taste of Grand Cayman in autumn…

Pirates Week: A gorgeous and friendly festival of fireworks, engaging and entertaining street dancing, and unique, delicious Caribbean food. Thousands of excited people attend these events every year, many of them returning from the year or years before. Theses one-of-a-kind festivities kick off November 10. Check out if you would like to learn more.

Cayman Islands Triathlon: Every year, athletes gear up for one of the most grueling athletic events in the sporting calendar, the Cayman Islands Triathlon, set to take place this year on Sunday, November 11th.  This annual event of the Cayman Islands Triathlon Association is the highlight of the triathlon season and starts at Public Beach. Participants have the choice of two courses: Sprint Distance, which requires athletes to race a 750m swim, a 12.4 mi bike ride and a 3.1 mi run; while Olympic Distance is an extremely testing 1500m swim, 24.8 mi bike ride and 6.2 mi run. Athletes also have the choice of competing as individuals, or in a two or three-person relay. Whether you’re a part of it or watching it, the Triathlon is always an unforgettable experience!

Cayman Islands Marathon: On Sunday, December 4, many participants will get the chance to run on a safe, beautiful Caribbean island, surrounded by tropical flora and fauna, charming homes flawlessly landscaped, with magnificent views of the sea the whole time. That’s right; it’ll be time for another Intertrust Cayman Islands Marathon. This highly anticipated event consists of a full marathon, half marathon, 4-person relay, and a Kids Fun Run. The race is only in its 14th year, but we’re growing! Our reputation is that of an intimate, warm, friendly, well organized event; and we hope you’ll come and experience it for yourself. Visit for more information.