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We’re All About Smiles

Grand Cayman has received its fair share of accolades over the years, but being called The World’s Friendliest Country by Forbes Magazine is one we really take to heart!

It takes a common sensibility for a nation to have that kind of validation shared by millions of tourists who come to our island every year. And we have given our special brand of hospitality a name: we call it Caymankind.

Caymankind is about the entire experience of Caymanian culture. With over 135 nationalities living together in harmony, Caymankind is all about our islands’ people, history, resources, and traditions. Visitors experience Caymankind as a feeling of joy. A reminder to savour life’s most precious gifts – family, love, honour. It’s the sense that you can do more, be more and mean more.

For those who inhabit our islands, Caymankind is a way of presenting yourself to the work that is at all times courteous, compassionate, and caring. From smiles to experiences worthwhile, the Cayman Islands has something to make your day brighter than it already was – that’s Caymankind.

We definitely do our part here at Aqua Bay, so please join us soon and experience Caymankind all for yourself 🙂