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Turtles and Rays at Your Doorstep

Grand Cayman’s sea turtles and stingrays are known the world over, but just how close you can see them can be difficult to believe.

All year ‘round we have absolutely world class snorkeling, with some of the clearest waters you will find anywhere. This crystal clarity allows you to see and experience the undersea world off Grand Cayman in a way unlike nearly anywhere else on earth, getting up close and personal with our resident stingrays and turtles. There’s a reason Stingray City is popular all year long!

And if you are truly lucky – and your timing is just right – you can time your visit to October or November when the turtles nest on Seven Mile Beach. Or, and this is even more tricky, you can stay with us about two months after the nesting to witness one of nature’s great miracles: the treacherous journey of baby turtles from the safety of their nests to the wild Caribbean Sea.

Turtles and stingrays, at your doorstep. That sounds like a beautiful vacation.