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Top Five Dive Locations on Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands are home to 365 dive sites which means you could visit a new dive site every day of the year.  Warm water and visibility of up to 100 feet make it a great place to see a variety of tropical fish, coral reefs, sponges, shipwrecks, and caves. Diving in the Caribbean is a unique and memorable experience not to be missed.

Trinity Caves
Located off West Bay, Trinity Caves are 70 feet underwater, and despite its name, there are no caves, there are, however, massive coral canyons to swim through, where you will see black coral, tube sponges, and lots of fish: snapper, angelfish, grunts, parrotfish, and grouper.

Eagle Ray Rock
Eagle Ray Rock is near the southwest corner of Grand Cayman. Find coral mountains and tall red finger sponges, large brown tube sponges starting at 70 feet down.

The USS Kittiwake
The USS Kittiwake is an ex-US Navy ship that was deliberately sunk in Grand Cayman in 2011 to create a dive site. With five decks of coral and tropical fish to explore, it didn’t take long for marine life to flourish and take over this site.

Babylon North Wall
Wall diving is outstanding in Grand Cayman and this site is said to be the best of the best. A deep dive around a pinnacle, Babylon features colourful ropes sponges, and black coral everywhere.

Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto
Just south of Seven Mile Beach is an incredible network of natural caves, caverns, and tunnels. Expect to see tarpon, silversides, parrotfish, and barracuda as you swim through the sunlight, and be dazzled by the brightly coloured coral and sponges.