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Take the 345 Pledge for Your New Year’s Resolution!

With 2018 coming to a close and 2019 fast approaching, have you given much thought to any New Year’s resolutions? Many start the year with big goals and ideas that eventually fall to the wayside. Plastic Free Cayman has launched a pledge to help reduce plastic in a manageable way—it might just be a resolution to stick with!

The premise of the 345 Pledge is this: do 3 things immediately, 4 things in 6 months, and 5 things a year from now, all based on reducing plastic. This can be as simple as choosing to carry a reusable water bottle to attending beach clean-up events.

Interested in participating? You can take the pledge here. Part of enjoying our surroundings is making sure we take care of it. We hope you’ll join us in preserving our world-famous beaches by reducing your plastic footprint!