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Stingray City – A Cayman Highlight

Have you ever wanted to cuddle a stingray? Don’t let their name fool you! Southern Stingrays are incredibly laid back and personable animals, much like aquatic puppy dogs. They’re even more into you if you have some tasty squid. And this awesome get-together isn’t far to get to from us. It is a quick ½ hour jaunt by boat and you’re there.

Stingray City is a breathtaking series of shallow sandbars found in the diverse North Sound here in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. It is a favourite tourist attraction, where docile, friendly, and curious southern stingrays are found in abundance. Of course, our guests who decide to visit this wonderful place are fully encouraged to pet and interact with these majestic animals!

A fleet of Southern Stingrays flock together near the shore, eagerly awaiting new human buddies to show up to their “city”—mostly in the hopes to get some treats from their human friends, old and new. These cheery stingrays started congregating in the area years ago when hard-working fisherman cleaned their catches on the shallow sand bars. The frequently hungry stingrays began to forget their normally shy dispositions, eagerly approaching with more and more frequency to feed on the remains the fishermen left behind. Soon, these intelligent and gentle creatures were associating the sound of a boat motor with food! (Wouldn’t any of us, really?) In the latter 1980’s, divers were feeding squid to the stingray. Naturally, squid have since become one of Stingray City’s stingrays’ favourite treats.

When you visit Stingray City, you are encouraged to bring some squid of your own. Hey, consider it the price for your curiosity! And don’t worry, the lovely stingrays in the warm, shallow waters of their home will truly appreciate your friendly offerings. Upon entering the clear sea, the utterly graceful southern stingrays will glide serenely by you, welcoming you to their tranquil home and saying “hi” in their peaceful ways. You will experience all of this in only chest-high water, with no danger to be found. The only surprises you should expect is being suddenly surrounded by more than two dozen super-friendly and inquisitive stingrays.

We’re not kidding when we say this is a must-do activity when you’re in Grand Cayman. You can dive right into this majestic realm of mutual discovery and natural wonder by boat, or take a local jet ski out to Stingray City, making for one of the most unforgettable days you will ever have on an island chock full of opportunities for happy memories.

Be sure to ask us about Stingray City when you book with us.