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Start Your Year With Stingrays

Have you started your new year beneath the waves yet? Dived into tropical waters, cooled your skin from the Caribbean sunshine, and gone for a swim with some of Grand Cayman’s majestic aquatic creatures? There’s no time like the present!

We talk a lot about Stingray City on Grand Cayman, not just because they are a local business we like to support, but because they offer one of those truly magnificent and awe-inspiring experiences you just have to see – and feel – to believe. Snorkeling with southern stingrays is something anyone and everyone can enjoy, and absolutely must cross of their bucket lists.

When you visit Grand Cayman (hopefully staying with us, or at the very least visiting the world class beach right outside our doors) make sure to stop by Stingray City.

There’s no better time to swim beneath the waves of the Caribbean Sea than when it’s cold up north!