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Spectacular Seven Mile Summers

“This place is exactly what we always picture when we think about a tropical island paradise; an amazing beach, calm, turquoise waters, coconut trees and everything else you have always imagined! This place is definitely not only one of the best coastlines on the Caribbean, but anywhere in the world.”
Tyler P, London, United Kingdom

There’s a reason why people always talk about Seven Mile Beach being one of the best beaches in the world. It’s downright legendary, and one of the best times to visit is during the summer.

First things first, Seven Mile Beach is actually 6.3 miles long. That may seem disingenuous, but let’s face it: ‘Six Point Three Mile Beach’ just wouldn’t have the same impact.

The water really is as incredible as people say. Very little runoff from the island helps cultivate a clarity few places on earth (and fewer beaches) can match. This makes for some of the best diving and snorkeling found anywhere.

During the summer months the weather gets hotter, with the average temperature reaching 84.0F or 28.9C in June and 84.5F or 29.2C in July and August, with 12.5 to 13 hour days.

You may be asking yourself, “why would I visit Seven Mile Beach when its at its hottest?”, but the answer may not surprise you: because it’s also at its cheapest. There is no time of year that flights are cheaper, accommodation rates are lower, or crowds are thinner. After all, everyone knows these days that Seven Mile Beach is something special 😉