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Seven Miles of Paradise: Grand Cayman’s West Coast Wonder

Found in the relaxing tropical climes of Grand Cayman, Seven Mile Beach is a beautiful crescent of pearl-white sand gliding into the shimming Caribbean. Whether you enjoy snorkeling, kiteboarding, diving, or just some private time to yourself, Seven Mile Beach has it all.

Strangely enough, the renowned Seven Mile Beach is actually only 5.2 miles long, but that didn’t stop it from being voted “the Caribbean’s Best Beach” by the noted Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine.

Fortunately for us, Aqua Bay Club is located on the western end of Seven Mile Beach, and while our property has the feel of an intimate island setting, we are proud to say our modern resort is conveniently located just minutes away from anything and everything you could need along Seven Mile Beach.

The most sought after amenity Seven Mile Beach offers is actually the fact that it’s less crowded. There is an air of tranquility to it; watersports of every type are readily available, but if you just want to sit and soak in the experience of being on one of the world’s premier beaches, you can do that too – the beach is long enough that there are many places where you can sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy the simplest (yet most rewarding) pleasure of all: peace and quiet.

Of course, if peace and quiet isn’t on the itinerary for you, Grand Cayman has numerous playgrounds geared for all family activities – spontaneous or otherwise – with free, clean, and well-maintained washrooms and lovely picnic areas.

Are you a fan of snorkeling? Cemetery Reef is just one of many exciting and captivating reef locations nearby, and is just offshore in the calm waters. It’s an excellent spot for snorkeling or swimming. To make matters even better, the average temperature of the water is 80°F (27°C) in the winter – a nice alternative to the standard chilly climate up north!

Seven Mile Beach is a true west coast wonder on Grand Cayman: whether you are looking for a place to explore, a beach to relax on, or something new to check out, this slice of paradise is well worth the trip – and Aqua Bay Club happens to be right on Seven Mile Beach 😉

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