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Plastic Free Cayman Works to Keep Beaches Clean

Plastic Free Cayman is a local organization focused on “education, awareness and action to help reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the Cayman Islands and Caribbean.” They host monthly beach clean-ups to keep our beaches the way they should be: pristine and ready for enjoyment.

September’s clean-up saw over 1700lbs worth of marine debris removed from the beach. The next clean-up is scheduled for October 6-7th on our sister island, Cayman Brac.  While much of the garbage collected and removed is washed ashore from elsewhere, Plastic Free Cayman does ask that you think twice before accepting plastic items such as straw, cutlery, and bottles while visiting.

Interested in hearing more or getting involved with future clean-ups? Plastic Free Cayman can be found on Facebook at @plasticfreecayman. We hope you’ll support the efforts in keeping our beautiful beaches clean so this view, and everyone’s enjoyment, is never compromised!