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Pirates Week 2015

Arr, mateys! October has almost left us and we’re shivering our timbers in anticipation of Pirates Week 2015!

This exciting fun-filled week begins November 12th and wrap up on November 22nd, providing eleven days total filled to the brim with music, street dances, games, competitions, delicious local food and beverages, a magnificent glittering parade, a kids day (the little mateys are important!), sports events for all, Heritage Days, a pirate invasion, a oh so many fireworks.

Really, there’s so much to see and do, you don’t want to miss this! And where better to set into port than Aqua Bay Club Condos Condos?

Festivities begin with a delightful steel pan competition and Kick-Off Party. Then, on Friday night, the festival truly goes off with a spectacular fireworks display. Throw in the crowning of the Festival Queen and the opening Street Dance and Food Festival on that same night and there is absolutely no better place to be in the Caribbean.

Did we mention that the first Saturday will have a mock pirate invasion from the sea? Two old-time sailing vessels are loaded with pirates will make a Saturday landing at the bowl-shaped George Town harbour – you know, so those pirate scallywags can capture the Governor! Oodles of people line the streets to watch this incredible spectacle. It’s all in fun; and there’s a new twist every single year! Families just love this unique Caribbean event.

For more information on this unforgettable experience, put down that grog and visit this site post-haste!