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Nature’s At Work – Watch Your Step!

There are only a few species so ancient that they can say they watched dinosaurs evolve and then later become extinct. Give up? Green Sea Turtles. The people of Grand Cayman have a close association with the Green Sea Turtle as is evidenced with the appearance of the turtle on the Cayman Islands’ flag, seal, and currency.

Turtles return to the nesting beaches of their mothers and grandmothers and you can witness firsthand new born turtles emerging from their nest right here at Aqua Bay Club Condos Condos, on the famous Seven Mile Beach.

The beach at the edge of the pond allows female turtles to nest in an environment very similar to the ones they would nest in if they were in the wild.

There are currently sea turtle nests on the beach in front of our property, which will produce baby sea turtles when they hatch in just a few months. We all want to be mindful of the nests by watching for protected areas, or any areas that look like this photo where the clumps could be mistaken for nearly anything.

Right up until fall we take different standards and precautions; for example, in the last week before the turtles hatch we ensure that any lights on the beach are turned off. 

The exact hatching date is difficult to determine, however we may be able to provide a better estimate closer to the predicted time.

If you have any questions, see turtle tracks, find baby turtles, or require information on shading essential lighting, please contact the front desk or the local Department of Environment:

DoE Turtle hotline: 938-NEST (938-6378)
DoE General: 949-8469 Emergencies: Marine Enforcement 916-4271 or 911
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]