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March Of The Turtles

Come and witness mama turtles nesting for their future babies, right here at Aqua Bay Club on the famous Seven Mile Beach!

There are seven sea turtle nests on the beach in front of our property, and these turtles return to the nesting beaches of their mothers and grandmothers annually, producing about 100 baby sea turtles each.

The people of Grand Cayman have a close relationship with the Green Sea Turtle, and have incorporated them into their cultural identity, as evidenced with the appearance of the turtle on the Cayman Islands’ flag, seal, and currency.

From the sea turtle nests on the beach in front Aqua Bay, baby sea turtles will be welcomed by the world when they hatch in just a few months. Right up until fall we always take different standards and precautions; for example, in the last week before the turtles hatch we ensure that any lights on the beach are turned off.

An exact hatching date is difficult to determine; however, we may be able to provide a better estimate closer to the predicted time.