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Hiking the Mastic Trail

Grand Cayman is famous for its white-sand beaches and azure blue water. But did you know that some of the most beautiful scenery on the island is inland? 

The Mastic Trail stretches for 2.3 miles through some of the most untouched old-growth forest in the Caribbean. Managed by the National Trust of the Cayman Islands, the Mastic Trail includes plenty of rare flora and fauna, including tropical birds, butterflies, non-poisonous snakes, frogs, crabs, and lizards. Near the middle of the trail, visitors will be able to spot a 700-year old yellow mastic tree that has existed since before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. 
Located on the northeastern end of Grand Cayman, the Mastic Trail takes about three hours to complete. Make sure you wear closed-toe shoes and bring plenty of water! For more information about the trail, and how to take a guided tour, visit