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Grand Cayman Community Comes Together to Save Eden Rock

Over one hundred Caymanians gathered at Eden Rock Dive Centre on Wednesday, September 16, equipped with diving gear so to help the Cayman Islands Department of Environment clear sand that has swamped a section of reef off the George Town coastline.

800 linear feet of reef was lying under a blanket of sand that was kicked up from the seabed due to an encounter between boats on the 15th. Normally, living coral is able to clear itself of sand, but the vast quantity of sand on the coral is makes that impossible and is debilitating to reef life.

The process to clear the sand from the reef involves using water pressure created by a device like a hose or your hand to gently waft the sand off of the coral.

Though it will most likely be impossible to get all of the sand off of the reef, the Grand Cayman community coming together has created a sense of hope and happiness on the island.

We hope this story of community brings a smile to your face! For updates on the situation at Eden Rock, visit