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Family Summer Dive Vacations

Looking for the right destination for your next family summer vacation? Grand Cayman has you covered – as long as you love beautiful beaches and the most crystal-clear diving and snorkeling you’ve ever seen. People keep returning for a reason!

Named one of the friendliest regions in the world, Grand Cayman is a veritable diving and snorkeling paradise. Because the island has no rivers – and thus no runoff – the water has a clarity that has to be seen to be believed. Snorkel just 50 yards off shore and you’ll be able to see reefs and wrecks 50+ feet below you as clear as day. It’s unreal.

Really any time of year the Caymans are a great spot for a family vacation, but the summer is extra special because there are fewer travelers.
With a condo in paradise, right on top of the best beach in the Caribbean, surrounded by crystal clear waters – what more could you want in a family summer vacation?