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Family Summer Dive Vacations

Looking for the right destination for your next family summer vacation? Grand Cayman has you covered – as long as you love beautiful beaches and the most crystal-clear diving and snorkeling you’ve ever seen. People keep returning for a reason!

Named one of the friendliest regions in the world, Grand Cayman is a veritable diving and snorkeling paradise. Because the island has no rivers – and thus no runoff – the water has a clarity that has to be seen to be believed. Snorkel just 50 yards off shore and you’ll be able to see reefs and wrecks 50+ feet below you as clear as day. It’s unreal.

Really any time of year the Caymans are a great spot for a family vacation, but the summer is extra special because there are fewer travelers. This leads to fewer crowds, cheaper rates (check out our Summer Only in Cayman special for up to 30% off), and more privacy – you’ll actually be able to call your own little slice of Seven Mile Beach your own while you’re here!

With a condo in paradise, right on top of the best beach in the Caribbean, surrounded by crystal clear waters – what more could you want in a family summer vacation?