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Crystal Clear Cayman

while that may spell doom for some parts of the world, here on Grand Cayman in many ways it has been one of our greatest strengths!

We’re talking about sea water. We’re talking about ocean visibility. We’re talking about how, because there are no rivers on Grand Cayman, there is no runoff, and because there is no runoff, all the dirt and sand and pollution that rivers bring to the ocean and effect clarity are absent. What’s left are some of the clearest, most beautiful waters you’ve ever seen.

Perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving, our crystal-clear Cayman waters are a sight to behold. Where off the coast of Canada or the United States you might be able to see ten feet in front of you clearly before the clarity dissipates entirely, here you can see 50 to 100 feet as clear below the sea as you can above ground. You can see the reefs, the wrecks, the fish below. It’s incredible.

Don’t forget to add Grand Cayman diving or snorkeling to your bucket list!