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Create Sparkling Memories at Bioluminescence Bay

One of the most magical places to be at night anywhere in the world is Bioluminescence Bay. Located on the north end of Grand Cayman Island, Bioluminescence Bay is among the few places on earth to experience glowing sea plankton. Surrounded by shining stars in the night sky and floating above the sparkling plankton, you move through the glowing water, leaving a trail of light that is sure to delight your senses.

How does the water sparkle and glow? Phytoplankton is a single cell organism that produces a chemical called Luciferin that causes the plankton to emit a blue glow. When the plankton is disturbed, the plankton emits a flash of light as a defense mechanism, attracting predators and causing alarm to any potential threat. That’s why when you paddle, swim, or move through the millions of microscopic plankton, you get to experience the bioluminescence glow.

Bio Bay tours launch from Rum Point, an hour’s drive from the resort. Whether you want to kayak, swim or take a glass-bottom boat, there are many tour operators to choose. Some tour operators provide transportation to and from the hotel. You will want to make a reservation with your tour operator to secure your spot as they fill up fast.

— Photo courtesy of Bio Bay Tours