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Cayman Island’s Named 2019’s Ultimate Foodie Destination

Travel to the Cayman Islands is increasing, and for good reason! So much more than just a beach destination, the Caymans are becoming known for their dining.

In an article written by The Manual, the Cayman Islands are held with company such as Rome, Tokyo, and New York for their amount of “food-forward individuals” but “without the stressors that come with big city life.” With a wide variety of dining options from fresh fish and local produce to high-end dishes, Grand Cayman is ready to serve up the best.

Featuring restaurants and drinking establishments such as Agua and Cayman Spirits Company, the article finishes off detailing famous local culinary events such as the Cayman Cookout. To read the full article, please click here.

Aqua Bay’s location on Seven Mile Beach makes us just a short distance from many of the referenced foodie joints—not to mention having one of the best beaches in the world right on your door step! Ready to plan your stay? Contact us today!