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Cayman Carnival Batabano

Taking place from April 29th until May 6th this year – with a handful of events before and after – Cayman Carnival Batabano is a festive salute to the island’s heritage, held annually since 1983 by the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman.

Batabano is one of the biggest events the Caymans see each year. It’s like a massive Mardi Gras, with pageants and dancers and Soca music, calypso bands, costumes, parades, and so much more. Every colour of the Cayman Rainbow will be present.

If you’re here early, you can check out the J’Ouvert Road Parade on April 22, which signals the start of Carnival. Tickets to this and other events can be found on if you would like to join.

In the meantime, we’ll be on Seven Mile Beach, peacefully escaping the festivities – a perfect Carnival retreat!