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A Place to Make Memories

Grand Cayman and Aqua Bay Club Perfect for Family Vacations

Family trips can range from quick weekenders, to more planned out, full-on vacations. Making sure everyone is happy and occupied is challenge enough, but to create a lasting memory sometimes is even harder.

At Aqua Bay Club, we understand families. Your condo is perfectly set up with everything you need to make meals or store snacks because we know that keeping a timetable on vacation is nearly impossible for families. We have toys for the kids to play in the sand, a pool when you’ve had enough of the ocean and want to relax, and a friendly team that knows some special spots around the island perfect for your family, regardless of their ages.

Wading your youngster into the shallows at Stingray City with elegant stingrays getting close enough that you can touch them is a memory they will carry with them for a lifetime. Going to the Cayman Turtle Centre where you’ll see everything from hatchlings to 500 lb decades old adult turtles is a site to behold. But if you’re lucky enough to go snorkeling in their Turtle Lagoon with tropical fish and baby turtles, it is a memory like no other.  

We are not short on ideas of how to explore our island, so please come and talk with us at the front desk and let’s make a memory.